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What is From The Horn?

We ARE technology focused news aggregation site.  Our goal is to create a platform where users like you can visit to get your daily dosage of East African News and analysis.  

How do we do this?

We do this by aggregating news related to East Africa from news sources such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc, on Fromthehorn.com.

This allows users like yourself to come to one place and get your info, instead of visiting multiple sites.

As such, please send us sites that you think provide good news coverage around the Horn and we will work to include it into the Horn family.

We ARE NOT politically motivated.  We DO NOT support any political ideology, group, organization or resistance party etc.

If you want to submit any article, news site or general comments please send an email to info@fromthehorn.com.

We are a rapidly developing site. We promise to react to user feedback as fast as possible.  Your patience and support is appreciated.